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The Placement Service of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is established to assist both Guild members and congregations. The Service provides the enclosed materials to aid in (1) defining the responsibilities of a church or temple musician, (2) determining a salary commensurate with work and skills required, and (3) selecting an individual to meet a congregation’s need. Please review our Sample Worksheet for determining number of hours per week.
The fee for listing a job opening with the Service is $15.00 for three consecutive months. (Checks are made payable to:  Baltimore Chapter: AGO and must be sent at the same time as the information sheet.) 
If the position has not been filled in that time, you may email with a message that a fourth consecutive listing is needed with no additional cost to you. 
You must include all three pages of the paper form and $15.00 check the position will be advertised in the next three issues of our newsletter, the Pipe and Pedal and placed on our web site. 


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Check all that apply **While churches are not required to pay into a state's unemployment system, in many areas they choose to be included.
Would allowing you to pay the $15 listing fee online with a credit card make your experience better?