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June 2019 Issue

End of program year….summer….ah….

Dear colleagues,

As the new fiscal/program year looms, it is a great pleasure to welcome recently elected board members, Jordan Prescott and Richard Allen. Thanks to Marvin Mills, Stephen Harouff and Glenn Osborne, outgoing board members, for their three years of service. Hearty thanks to Daniel Aune, serving as dean and co-dean for the last three years whose energetic, creative leadership has been an inspiration to our chapter particularly in the areas of chapter events and thought provoking articles in the “Dean’s Message”. His dedication to the AGO, and to the Baltimore chapter is exemplified in his willingness to serve a third term as dean, this time sharing those responsibilities with me. Our chapter is fortunate to have him and is deeply grateful for his service.

And now I ask that you bear with me as I share a few reflections on the “Rs” of summer which I hope you will find helpful. As the program year draws to a close, along with exhaustion, I hope you have a sense of accomplishment and gratification for the past season as you approach summer. Along with giving your dedicated singers and support team a rest, please find restful time for essential part of self care. I propose here that you be attentive to the six “Rs” of summer: rest reflection, refreshment, rejuvenation, relaxation, restoration.

  • Rest - Merriam Webster defines this as “ a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities”. (No further comment!)

  • Reflection - rake time for contemplation, meditation, music and study.

  • Refreshment - seek activities which are stimulating and revitalizing.

  • Rejuvenation - restoring youthful vigor. (Hmmm…..)

  • Relaxation - explore activities and disciplines which deliver composure, calm and tranquility.

  • Restoration - make repairs, physically and emotionally toward rebuilding one’s self to wholeness.

As musicians, we know the profound strength of the art which we practice. Instead of a summer reading list, here is a short list for your summer listening pleasure which has the potential for addressing all six of the “Rs” of summer. These are all wonderful pieces, but if you only have time for one, listen to the first, some of the most sublime 2+ minutes of choral music ever written.

  • To be sung of a summer night on the water - Frederick Delius

  • Summer (The Four Seasons) - Antonio Vivaldi

  • Summertime (Porgy and Bess) - George Gershwin

  • Summer (The Four Seasons) - Alexander Glazunov

  • Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Felix Mendelssohn

  • Summer - Frank Bridge

Most of all, have a great, relaxing summer. Play hard; returned refreshed!


The June 2019 issue of the Pipe and Pedal is now available. There will be no July 2019 issue. We we resume in August.

Louis Gephardt